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Experience of Agribusiness Investment in Lao PDR

This document presents the experiences of two investors, Stora Enso Laos and Outspan Bolovens Limited, who have invested in agribusiness plantations (eucalyptus and coffee respectively) in the south of Lao PDR. It discusses the lessons learned on four key topics related to responsible investment: (1) land acquisition, (2) compensation and benefit sharing, (3) community engagement, and (4) grievance mechanisms.

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September 2016

Rethinking the sustainability of the Mekong

The mekong is a major transboundary central to the lives of the people in the southeast asia,Since 2006 contested plans have emerged for up to eleven dams on the lower mainstream,with the first project-the Xayaboury dam-under contruction in the northerm laos since 2010 the paper explores how uncertainty shaps transboundary water governance such as the politics of scale and knowledge

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December 2014

State, Capital, Border Traders, Farmers, and Cross-Border Corn Jamaree Chiengthong Paper

When I began this study, my interest was to investigate the agricultural development on both sides of the Mekhong river where my study site was located. It was supposed to be a micro study of changes in local livelihood at border areas

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April 2014