Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum

Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum (ANSAF) is a member–led forum involving organizations and individuals from the commercial sector, non-governmental (both Tanzanian and international) and from farmer groups in Tanzania. It is a forum for non-state actors to discuss and work towards solutions to improve the agriculture sector in the interests of men and women currently living in poverty.



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Policy Papers & Briefs
May 2017

In this communiqué, the undersigned Non-State Actors (civil society, pastoralist, research, private, farmers’ unions and other stakeholders) champion a call to action and outline recommendations on livestock policy advocacy strategies that take into consideration the unique conditions and opportunities of the livestock sector development in Tanzania

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Reports & Research
December 2016

The Legal Guide was created to share information on Tanzania’s system for regulating seeds and other inputs, including areas such as variety release and registration, seed certification, and trade, and to identify key decision points and challenges that could unlock further development in the seed sector and implementation of existing frameworks. The Legal Guide itself will be part of a larger process of consultation and discussion, with key decision points followed by recommendations and a roadmap for strengthening the regulatory system for seeds and other inputs.

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Reports & Research
December 2012

Several countries in Africa including Tanzania have committed to live to Maputo Declaration that requires AU member states to allocate 10% of national budget to agricultural sector. It is assumed that sustained ten percent allocations into the sector would translate into 6% percent sector growth. However there are arguments whether the 10% percent allocation alone can contribute to food security and reduced poverty levels. The biggest challenge would be where should the government spend money in agriculture sector? How should the government spend the money?

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Reports & Research
January 2012

The assessment of the policies, strategies, legislation, regulation and functioning of the cashew market in Tanzania is framed within the impact of the overall competitiveness of the sector. In doing so it is important to recognise that the cashew sector throughout Africa is in fact two chains which do not always operate in a cohesive manner but which are really only linked at one end the farm gate and at the other on the retail shelf.

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Reports & Research
December 2011

The Study on Public Interventions in Agriculture: With What Gender Implications was conducted by ANSAF with the purpose to generate relevant data that shall facilitate better understanding on to what extent interventions in Agriculture considered the gender aspect to ensure equal participation of women, men, youth and other marginalized groups in the process.

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Reports & Research
August 2011

The Agriculture Sector Development Programme (ASDP) is a Sector Programme largely implemented at the district level through the District Agricultural Development Plans (DADPs) as an integral part of the District Development Plan (DDP). The government also works at the national level through the Agriculture Sector Lead Ministries (ASLMs) to deal with issues such as fertiliser subsidies, large irrigation schemes, research and development, regulation and coordination as well as quality assurance.