Rwanda Initiave for Sustainable Development

Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development (RISD) is a local non-governmental organization (NGO). RISD’s work is based on Policy Research, Networking and Advocacy. RISD is considered by many, both in Rwanda and outside as the model of civil society in Rwanda because of its approach and focus.


RISD’s Mission is to promote, advocate and foster social and economic transformation by Rwandans themselves through sustainable use and protection of Natural Resources towards poverty reduction in an equitable and participatory manner.


The Vision of RISD is to ensure equitable access to land resources for sustainable peace, social justice and economic stability.


- Enhancing community participation in the land related policies towards improving their livelihood conditions;

- Elimination of gender inequality related to land rights;

- Enhancing the capacity of civil society in engaging in the implementation, monitoring and documentation of the national land policy;

- Advocating for pro-poor land policy;

- Contributing to the Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Peace Strategies through good land governance.