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ACTUAR is a non-profit and non-partisan secular legal person, governed by private law, formed in 2007 in Coimbra, Portugal. ACTUAR aims to contribute towards the fight against poverty and to the promotion of development based on values of solidarity, equity and human rights respect. Our work philosophy is based on the development of cooperation projects and initiatives in Portugal and worldwide, particularly focused on Portuguese-speaking countries. In order to accomplish our mission, we seek to establish partnerships and dialogue with several organisations.


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Reports & Research
September 2014

Este projecto de investigação-acção pretende analisar em que medida os actuais quadros legais e
institucionais actuais promovem ou dificultam uma efectiva governança fundiária centrada nas
pessoas e nas suas comunidades, o que equivale a analisar, também, a sua relação / integração no
contexto de outros eventuais mecanismos regulatórios e de concertação politica e social vinculada à
agricultura, meio ambiente ou, mais genericamente, à segurança alimentar e nutricional.

Journal Articles & Books
January 2012

Once the Guidelines on Tenure Governance are approved, CSOs must energically monitor States' actions to
respect, protect and fulfill tenure rights, through strong, independent, participatory and transparent monitoring
mechanisms, which ensure that the principles established in the Guidelines on Tenure Governance are being
effectively taken into consideration.
Adoption and implementation of the Guidelines on Tenure Governance can be enriched by the lessons learned

Journal Articles & Books
January 2012

Due to the unquestionable importance and urgency in addressing the problem ofequitable and fair access to
land and other natural resources, an International policy framework is badly needed is required. In this sense,
Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of
National Food Security (onwards refered as the Guidelines on Tenure Governance) are under preparation since
2005 through the development of a universally applicable framework which can assist States in constructing