India: Odisha to grant land rights to urban slum dwellers

8 August 2017
Special Correspondent
india slum
india slum
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Efforts will be made to provide the rights on an in situ basis

Odisha Government on Tuesday took a decision to grant land rights to the slum dwellers living in Municipal Councils and Notified Area Councils of the State and property rights to those living in Municipal Corporation areas.

Accordingly, the State Cabinet approved promulgation of two ordinances for assigning land rights or property rights to the identified slum dwellers for redevelopment, rehabilitation and upgradation of slums.

“As far as practicable, efforts will be made to provide these rights on an in situ basis. The urban poor in slums will get land rights for residential use, that are heritable, mortgageable and non-transferable,” said Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

Transferable rights

Mr. Patnaik, who presided over the Cabinet meeting, said that in Corporation areas, limited transferable rights will be given to the slum dwellers. The government is also fast tracking civic infrastructure and improving living conditions for slum dwellers, he added.

The Chief Minister said that the Cabinet meeting of Tuesday was dedicated to the people who were lifeline of our cities and towns, but the fear of eviction coupled with harassment is always in their mind.

“They are the silent ones who keep out homes secure and comfortable. It is because of their sacrifice and hard work that the kitchens run, the gardens bloom, the city breathes and we feel secure,” he observed.

Stating that it has been the persistent effort of his government to bring about growth that is inclusive and empowering, Mr. Patnaik said the decision to grant land rights to slum dwellers “will be a landmark step in this regard – setting a benchmark in the entire country”.


Photo source: Honza Soukup via Flickr/Creative Commons (CC By-NC-ND 2.0). Photo: ©Honza Soukup