Paraguay's Congress Seeks Solutions to Evicted Farmers

10 January 2017
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Residents were attacked by police forces Monday in order to evict them in Guahory, in the department of Caaguazu.

Responding to the urgent request of Paraguayan campesinos, who were violently evicted from their land, Paraguay's Permanent Legislative Commission held a meeting with the National Institute of Rural and Land Development, INDRT, director Justo Cardenas to try to resolve the issue.

They discussed how to end the conflict in Guahory, in the department of Caaguazu, where residents were attacked by police forces Monday in order to evict them for the benefit of Brazilian settlers.< /p>

The police broke into the area and removed the campesinos from their homes, beating them, regardless of their age or gender. About 20 people were injured, some were arrested and later released.

The police used tear gas and rubber bullets in order to disperse the farmers, as they were reluctant to leave the land, trying to prevent Brazilian big farmers from taking over with the open support of the police.

After Monday's confrontation, Paraguay's Campesinos Federation called for protests near the conflict zone, before demonstrating later in the capital of Asuncion at the facilities of the Interior Ministry, in order to protest police violence.

Interior Minister Tadeo Rojas and National Police Chief Crispulo Sotelo Tuesday morning, affirmed during an audit before the legislative commission that the evictions had been carried out "within legality."

The INDERT committed to review case by case the situation of the farmers affected by the evictions and find appropriate solution