This page presents all the different sources that have published and provided the materials that are available on the Land Library today. The Land Library currently hosts resources from well over 1000 different sources, ranging from global to local information providers.

The Land Portal makes a distinction in sources between 'Publishers' and 'Data Providers'. A publisher is the organization or information provider that has published the publication. This can be one or more organizations. A data provider is an information provider that the Land Portal has created an importer for, a technical module, to automatically pull metadata from these websites into the Land Portal. These organizations are not necessarily the publishers of the materials, but could - similar to the Land Portal - be aggregating information from various sources.

Below you can find the different publishers and data providers in the Land Library. By clicking on their logos, you will be guided to their organizational profile to find out more about their work, as well as which publications are linked to their organizational profile.


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