This Country Partnership Framework (CPF)
covers the five-year period FY16-20. Anchored in the
government’s medium-term development plan as outlined in a
January 2015 Cabinet of Ministers Program of Action, it also
reflects the analysis and recommendations of the World Bank
Group’s (WBG) 2015 Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) for
Uzbekistan and the lessons learned from the Completion
Report of the previous CPS. The CPF’s objectives and
program, which focus on developing the conditions for faster
job creation, are consistent with the WBG’s twin goals of
eliminating extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.
The Uzbekistan Systemic Country Diagnostic (SCD) identified
ten priority areas that would need to be addressed to
eliminate poverty, boost shared prosperity, and enable
Uzbekistan to reach upper middle-income status. The
government’s strategic objectives are for Uzbekistan to
achieve upper middleincome status by 2030, implying income
growth averaging 6 percent annually, and in particular to
create 500,000 jobs annually. Building country systems for
statistical, fiduciary, safeguard, and statistical capacity
underlie the foundation of this CPF. The CPF program will
remain flexible as circumstances change and new
opportunities may arise.

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