Land is an important source of identity and a precious asset with significant emotional connection in India. It is also the main source of rural and feudal power structure for most of India’s history. Land is a symbol of social status, cultural identity and an expression of political power. The value of land is deeply ingrained in the consciousness and well-being of the poor farmers and indigenous communities who make up a substantial portion of India’s total population. With the changing climate in nation’s development agenda, starting with agricultural expansion and of late tending towards industrialization, urban expansion, irrigation and mining projects, demands for land have increased. At the same time, the welfare-mandate of the state has also worked towards fulfilling the land reforms agenda by distributing land to landless and homesteadless.

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Pranab Ranjan Choudhury, Sricharan Behera, Navin Kumar Amang, Manoj Kumar Behera

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July 2017
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