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Land Library


The Land Library is a free and highly curated repository which gives access to over 45,000 open access publications, laws and regulations and multimedia items, aggregated from over 1,000 different sources.

The Library provides users with the ability to search for particular topics and/or countries and browse publications from a broad spectrum of research organizations  and information providers.

Land Book


Land Book provides country and thematic portfolios populated with over 500 land-related indicators from 29 different datasets

Land Book combines innovative data visualisations with detailed country and thematic narratives focusing on land governance, relevant news, blogs, events, publications, and organization profiles. Land Book now hosts also a brend new section about land and Sustinable Development Goals.

Land Debate


Land Debate shares and amplifies many diverse voices by providing a platform for meaningful, substantive online discussions of important land governance issues.

Land Debate also keeps users up-to-date and engaged by highlighting land-related news articles, blogs, events as well as detailed profiles of global and local organizations in the land sector.



The Land Portal collects, organizes, and disseminates a broad range of land-related data and information that is otherwise fragmented and inaccessible. The development of Land Portal is an ongoing, collaborative effort, involving global and local partnerships as well as contributions from a diverse range of research organizations, civil societies, governments, academia, independent researchers, land rights activists, and other stakeholders. Become a contributor today!

Open Data

The Land Portal Foundation has adopted an Open Data strategy. All information available on the Land Portal website is structured and enriched according to internationally recognized open data standards. Read more about our Open Data strategy and about the controlled vocabulary for land, LandVoc.


Land Portal Foundation

The Land Portal website is a product of the Land Portal Foundation, an independent non-profit organization based in the Netherlands. Read more about us and about what we do. Still have questions? Consult our FAQ


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Land and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Global Property Rights Index (PRIndex)


Land News

Land Book

Visit our Land Book portfolios and get insights by countries or themes.

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Thematic Portfolios

Indigenous & Community Land Rights

Secure community land rights are an essential condition for Indigenous Peoples and local communities to enjoy human rights, socio-economic development, and cultural protection.

Land Conflicts

Land Conflicts

A “land conflict” involves competing claims to large areas of land by groups, of a breadth and depth not easily resolved within existing law.

Land and Food

Land & Food Security

Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and foodpreferences for an active and healt