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IFAD Policy: Improving access to land and tenure security

The IFAD Policy on Improving Access to Land and Tenure Security has been formulated to: (a) provide a conceptual framework for the relationship between land issues and rural poverty, acknowledging

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The purpose of this paper is to outline guidelines to be considered by EU donors in the design of their support for interventions in land policy and administration in developing countries.

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Land Tenure and Food Security: a review of concepts, evidence and measures

This paper attempts to build on a conceptual analysis of

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Land Tenure and Food Security: exploring dynamic linkages

This article combines both land tenure and food security

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Urban Land for All

This document consists of a synthesis of different types of policy instruments that could be used by government officials to introduce more appropriate and flexible tenure systems, uphold the right

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Improving Income among Rural Poor

This document outlines a set of strategic guidelines for ways in which Sida can address the issue of improving the income of the rural poor more effectively in its development support.

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