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New Series of Articles "Global Land Grab"

Development, the Society for International Development’s flagship journal, has just published its first issue of the year entitled ‘Global Land Grabs’

It features the following free articles:

Editorial: No More Black Fridays - Wendy Harcourt
Illustrates how graphic unsustainability of consumerism and global land grabs as two sides of the same coin

Workshop on Private sector engagement on REDD+ in Lao PDR

In the last months, the Government of Lao PDR received proposals from numerous private enterprises seeking to develop forest carbon projects in Laos. To facilitate information-sharing with and feedback from the private sector, the Department of Forestry organized a workshop “Private sector engagement on REDD+ in Lao PDR” on Friday, July 1st 2011.

Crossroads: the illicit timber trade between Laos and Vietnam

A new report released today (July 28, 2011) exposes the pivotal role played by the Vietnamese military in a multi-million dollar operation which is smuggling threatened timber over the border from the shrinking forests of neighbouring Laos.

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Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Land Use in the Lao PDR

Objectives of the study were to assess the evidence of climate change and the additional likely changes in the climate up to 2050. Further the recent changes in land use and their major drivers have been addessed. The outcome of the study are recommendation for adapted farming practices, taking predicted changes in climate into account.

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Whose Lands? Whose Resources?

Shalmali Guttal looks at shifts in agriculture policy in Cambodia and Laos as governments aim to transform the structures of their agriculture towards greater commercialization and markets. She argues this has far reaching impacts on rural social structures, and rural peoples’ access to land and security of tenure.

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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Land in the Lao PDR

This study by GTZ on behalf of BMZ about FDI in land highlights dramatic increase in land concessions, based on data collected in two provinces for an inventory, which GTZ conducted as no official data on land concessions is available.

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“PLUP FICTION”: Landscape Simulation for Participatory Land Use Planning in Northern Lao PDR

A landscape simulation was designed and tested in Viengkham, a mountainous district in the north of Lao PDR. This social learning process was introduced by researchers affiliated with national research institutions to improve land use planning practices and increase the ownership of local people in the planning process.

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‘Tips and tricks’ of participatory land-use planning in Lao PDR

Managing complex landscape mosaics in areas dominated by poverty often requires addressing conflicting objectives and managing trade-offs, e.g. between maintaining/enhancing ecological functions and improving livelihood.

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Measuring participation: Case studies on village land use planning

In the early 1990s, the Lao government launched a nationwide Land Use Planning and Land Allocation  programme in a bid t foster socio-economic development while protecting the environment. However, the programme has long been perceived as having negative impacts on rural livelihoods.

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