Case study on land in Burma

This case study has been produced in response to a request made to the Evidence on Demand Helpdesk.

Burma Draft National Land Use Policy Open for Public Consultations

Guest commentary by Robert Oberndorf, Resource Law Specialist, Tenure and Global Climate Change Project.

India Targeting Rural Land Insecurity with State-Level Programs and New National Bill

A guest post by Ashok Sircar, India Program Director of Landesa, a USAID partner and global organization that partners with governments to help secure land rights of the poor.

Tension over Land and Mineral Rights in Burma

Recent stories in the Globe and Mail, the Telegraph, BBC and the International Herald Tribune all highlight the significant tensions in Burma between various stakeholders over land, mineral, and ot

NYT Op-ed Cites Land Rights As a Key Element to Growth in Myanmar

In a recent New York Times op-ed Roy Prosterman and Darryl Vhugen of the U.S. NGO Landesa highlight some of what Myanmar’s government will need to do to promote sustainable growth in the country.

Conflicts over land. A role for responsible and inclusive business (2014) - publication

CSR Asia has published a new report on Conflicts Over Land: A Role of Responsible and Inclusive Business.

Developing Disparity

Transnational Institute

Burma: Regime's land grabs disrupt lives in minority communities

Almost two-thirds of farming families from ethnic Ta’ang communities in Burma’s northern Shan State have lost land to the country’s powerful military, according to a new report.

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