Property Rights

Vietnamese households prosper more when women hold land title - study

When women hold land title in rural Vietnam, their households are more prosperous, poverty is less and capital investment levels higher than in households where a man holds sole title, new

Urban LandMark debates improved access to urban land and property rights with DFID London

Urban LandMark visited DFID London from 12 to 13 November 2012 to present the organisation' s recent work on and approach to improving access to urban land and property rights.The main objective of

Subdividing the commons: The politics of property rights transformation in Kenya's Maasailand

This paper discusses the internal processes and decisions that characterized the transition from collectively held group ranches to individualized property systems among the Maasai pastoralists of

The Transformation of Property Rights in Kenya's Maasailand: Triggers and Motivations

This paper explores the puzzle of why the pastoral Maasai of Kajiado, Kenya, supported the individualization of their collectively held group ranches, an outcome that is inconsistent with theoretic

Pastoralists seasonal land rights in land administration

A series of papers on land use administration, land use change, securing of rights to resources and other in Laikipia, Kenya.


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