Land use planning

Rural land plans: Establishing relevant systems for identifying and recording customary rights

This paper describes some of the experiences of the Plan Foncier Rural (PFR) or Rural Land Plans and what they teach about the more general question of identifying and recording of these rights, in

Making Rangelands Secure: Past Experience and Future Options

Significant progress has been made over the past decade or so in the development of policy and legislation that support the recognition of customary rights to land, with important legal rulings in

National Spatial Plan, Kenya

This Concept paper is in reality “a comprehensive road map” towards the realization of a National Spatial Plan.

The National Spatial Plan, Kenya

The three day conference held between 16th to 18th June, 2010 at Kenya School of Monetary
Studies was organized by the Department of Physical Planning, which is under the Ministry of

Diversification, Experimentation, and Adaptation: Pastoralists in Communal Governance of Resources and Livelihoods Strategies

This paper presents a discussion of the communal tenure system in Olkiramatian, a group ranch in the southern rangelands of Kenya which has granted the residents the flexibility and choice to pursu


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