Reports & Research
janvier 2006

This is an examination of the interface between land and environmental conservation in Kenya. Part II examines the different regimes of land tenure and their implications for environmental conservation. It also reviews the powers of the state to regulate land use. Part III reviews the legislative framework for environmental conservation in Kenya. Part IV reviews the case law on land and the environment. Part V concludes.

Reports & Research

Drawing primarily on a series of sectoral papers presented at a UNDP-EC workshop on poverty and the environment in January 1999 and on supplemental materials, this paper attempts to provide an integrated framework for looking at poverty-environment interactions across a number of resource regimes. It seeks to identify common analytical elements, to identify principles that have produced win-win outcomes, and to extract some general principles for policy formulation and implementation.

janvier 2002

The Environment Policy is grounded in ADB's Poverty Reduction Strategy and the Long-Term Strategic Framework (LTSF) 2001-2015. The Poverty Reduction Strategy recognizes that environmental sustainability is a prerequisite for pro-poor economic growth and efforts to reduce poverty. Environmental sustainability is also one of the three crosscutting themes of the LTSF. The environment policy reinforces and complements the environmental issues and concerns addressed in ADB's sector and crosscutting policies.