FAO Gender and Land Rights Database on the Land Portal

The FAO Gender and Land Rights database provides qualitative and quantitative information on factors influencing men and women’s land rights. The database currently covers 80 countries, with facts and figures around 24 subjects, organised under 6 thematic areas: 

1. National Legal Frame
2. International Treaties and Conventions
3. Customary Law
4. Land Tenure and Related Institutions
5. Civil Society Organizations
6. Land Related Statistics

Information can be accessed through the Land Portal country pages, which also display basic data on i) total number of holders; ii) women holders; iii) number of holdings under co-ownership; iv) number of rural households headed by women.

Information is synthesised by FAO on the basis of international and national legislation relevant to women’s land rights, and available figures from household surveys and/or agricultural censuses. Definitions and sources, as well as full and comparative reports can be found on the FAO website.

FAO is a Land Portal founder. The Land Portal is committed to provide country pages with gender-disaggregated information and facilitate gender-responsive dialogue on land issues.