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I am an experienced professional and manager in international and corporate business process management (BPM, M&E, etc), enterprise resources planning (ERP, strategic planning, administration, human resources, finance, accounting (IPSAS), logistics, etc), information and communication technologies (ICT, ITIL/ITSM, Visible Ops, UML, lifecycle, SLA, QoS, ICT Ensure, CMS, etc.), web technologies (Web 2.0, APIs, WSDL, SOAP, RPC, RESTful, etc), knowledge management (KM, cKM, I4D, I4E, social networks, communities of practice, collaboration, sharing, etc), related capacity building, and statistics programmes. The same in results-based (RBM, BSC, critical assumptions, environments, indicators, risks assessments, accountabilities, resources, change), and e-Gov projects management.

Working in national, regional, international organizations, public institutions and private corporations, developed and developing countries. Applying modern business management concepts and methodologies, together with enhanced best practices/technologies. Capturing programming lessons, promising practices and producing results-based replicable models, lessons learned templates and actions-oriented tools. Communicating, ensuring well understanding, to smoothly implement policies, strategies and priorities.

Ensuring direction and integrity. Well identifying, gathering, analyzing and representing organizations and staff business management needs and requirements. Enabling adoption of related insights and experiences, either embodied in Staff or embedded in organizational processes or practices. Re-purposing information (documentation) and knowledge (experiences), delivering and disseminating it (communication). Providing substantive and technical advice and guidance, help and support, in results-based management infrastructures, responsible contracting, business continuity and disaster management

Collecting business routine data to measure progress, toward achieving objectives, and periodically tracking changes in performances. Evaluating how new procedures and practices had been implemented, how much they vary from site to site, did them benefit the intended people ? at what cost ? Measuring how well the implementations have met expected objectives, how the extent of changes in outcomes can be attributed to them. Measuring differences in the outcomes of interest, between having or not having them (the “impact”). Realizing web-based platforms, based and fitted on thematic areas and substantive issues.

Developing partnerships, optimizing interests, stimulating traffic, enhancing sharing, at local, national and international levels. Allowing people to make well-informed policies and/or take data-based decisions, well focusing on the implementation process. Enhancing effectiveness and the efficient use of resources. Aligning resources & technologies to policies & strategies, turning challenges into solutions with near immediate impacts and results. Well achieving activities and tasks, together with users or customers’ satisfaction, and supervisors or managers agreements. Generating services and values.

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