Portrait de Marie Bohner - Ekta Parishad and Ekta Europe

Interview of Rajagopal PV, President of Ekta Parishad

made by François Verlet in India, February 2012

Interview of Rajagopal PV, President of Ekta Parishad

Have a look at the interview of Rajagopal PV, President of the indian social movement Ekta Parishad, about Jan Satyagraha - March for Justice 2012. In October 2012, more than 100 000 landless and marginalised people will walk from Gwalior to Delhi during one month to claim, in a non-violent way, for their rights to land and natural ressources. More information about this event will come soon, but you can already have a look at the websites of Ekta Parishad and its european support group, Ekta Europe.

In the meantime, any comments or support actions in india and globally around this struggle are most welcome!

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