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British Columbia: BC Fracking, Shale Gas Development Challenged

British Columbia: BC Fracking, Shale Gas Development Challenged

First Nation land use plan aims for responsible development in NE BC

Fracking, shale gas extraction and other industry in northeastern BC must stop wantonly impacting First Nation lives and rights, under a land use plan adopted by Fort Nelson First Nation (FNFN). “Industrial development cannot and will not continue as it has in the past,” said FNFN Chief Kathi Dickie. “Our land and water is being contaminated, we are having trouble accessing the land to hunt and travel, and our traditional foods are disappearing. Industry and government haven’t stepped up to protect our land, so we are doing it.”

“Up until now, we have been trying to keep up with industrial development in our traditional territory,” said Lana Lowe, FNFN Lands and Resources Director. “With our land use plan, we can work proactively to achieve our own vision for the territory.”

The recently announced Apache gas find in the Liard Basin makes the Plan even more important. The Basin is within FNFN territory. Lowe said: “We look forward to working with producers in the Liard Basin to shape its development.” Lowe remarked: “The Plan enables appropriate development in the majority of our territory. Just 9% - the area we need and use the most - is off-limits to industry.”

Chief Dickie said: “We are open to working with industry and government to achieve the Plan’s vision. Companies that respect our rights will find a supportive partner in Fort Nelson First Nation.”

Source: Fort Nelson First Nation