A landscape analysis of nutrition initiatives in Madhya Pradesh: Policies, actors, and networks

The silent scourge of undernutrition and major nutritional deficiencies of public health importance persists across India despite decades of planned programmes and interventions.

Capacity strengthening strategy through capacity needs assessment for country level Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System (SAKSS): Ethiopia

The capacity needs assessment (CNA) was conducted at three levels: at the policy process/enabling environment level, organizational level, and individual level.

Ghana Agriculture Production Survey (GAPS): Report on data quality and findings on key indicators 2011/2012 minor season survey

The Ghana Agriculture Production Survey (GAPS) undertaken by the Statistics, Research and Information Directorate (SRID) of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture is designed to provide data on commu

An assessment of IFPRI’S work in Ethiopia 1995–2010: Ideology, influence, and idiosyncrasy

This study provides an assessment of the impact of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)’s work in Ethiopia during the period of 1995–2010.

Knowledge systems and networks for nutrition in India: A review

The first part of this review provides an overview of the current nutrition knowledge landscape in India based on the secondary research conducted on the existing knowledge systems and networks cat

Building knowledge systems in agriculture: Five key areas for mobilising the potential of extension and advisory services

There is renewed attention on the importance of advisory services and extension in rural development processes.

Low emission development strategies for agriculture and other land uses: The case of Colombia

The purpose of the work presented in this report is to demonstrate that policymakers have tools at their disposal that provide significant help in the evaluation of trade-offs, opportunities, and r

Medium and large-scale farmers and agricultural mechanization in Ghana: Survey results

This survey was planned and executed in order to address key policy and research questions which have arisen as priorities for the research agenda, but for which there has been a lingering data gap

Forest Peoples Programme - Annual Report 2013

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