Agricultural Land Redistribution and Land Administration in Sub-Saharan Africa : Case Studies of Recent Reforms

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Publication en anglais: WOMEN, LIVESTOCK OWNERSHIP AND MARKETS - Bridging the gender gap in Eastern and Southern Africa

En présentant des données empiriques issues du Kenya, de la Tanzanie et du Mozambique, et relatives à différents systèmes de production, cet ouvrage démontre que le bétail est un bien d’impor

E-book: WOMEN, LIVESTOCK OWNERSHIP AND MARKETS - Bridging the gender gap in Eastern and Southern Africa

Providing empirical evidence from Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique, and from different production systems, this book illustrates that livestock is an important asset to women and their particip

Introducing: Farmland Acquisition in China: Governance, Local Practices and International Experiences

How to manage China’s farmland for sustainable development has become a crucial issue of concern for both policy-makers and the wider public.

Presenting the book: “China’s disappearing countryside: Towards Sustainable Land Governance for the Poor”

China’s land policy has been in the news frequently over the last few weeks, since the Chinese government announced it will reform its land policy in the wake of the Third Plenum last November.

Village land use planning in rangelands in Tanzania

This document, developed by the Sustainable Rangeland Management Project (SRMP), seeks to
suggest improvements to the VLUP process in order to better contribute to sustainable rangeland

Participatory rangeland resource mapping as a valuable tool for village land use planning in Tanzania

The Sustainable Rangeland Management Project (SRMP) aims at securing land and resource
rights of pastoralists, agro-pastoralists and crop farmers, while improving land management

New publication- Mapping and Geoprocessing Tools in Support of Rural Advisory Systems

The main objective of this book is to demonstrate the potential that geoprocessing tools have for supporting rural extension and development.

Transforming cities with transit

The integration of transit and land use is one of the most important strategic initiatives for developing more sustainable urban futures.

Book 'Gender and Agrarian Reforms' highlights the gendered impacts of global agrarian reform

Through case studies from Asia, Africa, eastern Europe and Latin America, this book by Manchester Metropolitan University’s Susie Jacobs presents an overview of global gender and agrarian r


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