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Diabetes Treatment Type - What Are The Diabetes Treatments?

What’s the easiest method to lose belly fat? Us has daunted for years. Most people come to a stage where we feel the need to lose a couple of pounds. However much we wish it was How To Treat Diabetes [medicalinformationondiabetes.yolasite.com] not difficult to lose belly fat fast regrettably this isn’t true.

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Learning route "Innovative tools and approaches for securing women's land rights", Rwanda and Burundi, 3rd to 10th of February 2014

The Learning Route is over. We have shared and learnt a lot during those days together. This page keeps tracking our experiences and engagement  in securing women’s land rights.

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La titulación de tierras en el Perú: ¿cuál es el futuro de la tenencia de tierras segura para las mujeres?, del 2 al 13 diciembre 2013


En los últimos diez años, el sector agrícola del Perú ha crecido un 4 por ciento al año, beneficiándose de una mejor salud agrícola y del aumento de la demanda internacional de frutas, verduras y otros productos agrícolas no tradicionales (BID, 2010).

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Land titling in Peru: what future for women's tenure security?, 2-13 December 2013


Over the last ten years, Peru’s agricultural sector has grown 4 percent annually, benefitting from better agricultural health and increased international demand for fruits, vegetables and other non-traditional agricultural commodities (IDB, 2010).

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Legal pluralism in Madagascar: can customary and statutory law be reconciled to promote women’s land rights?




Legal pluralism in Madagascar: can customary and statutory law be reconciled to promote women’s land rights?


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Utilisation des plates-formes en ligne pour un plus large accès aux données disponibles et pour le partage des bonnes pratiques de suivi du respect effectif des droits fonciers des femmes

6-20 février

Mise en contact, partage des connaissances, transparence accrue

Compte tenu de la rapide diffusion d’Internet et du nombre croissant de ses utilisateurs, y compris dans le Sud Global, tout le potentiel des plates-formes en ligne pour la promotion de consultations sur des questions d’intérêt général d’importance n’est pas

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Using online platforms to increase access to open data and share best practices of monitoring women’s land rights.

Connecting people, sharing knowledge, increasing transparency

From 6 to 20 February

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Is right to land for shelter a human right? - open until December 21st

One of the unique aspects of the National Land Reform Agenda currently being pursued by the Central Government of India (viz Ministries of Rural Development and Tribal Affairs) is the right to land for shelter. This evolved as a part of what is being seen as a second round of land reforms in India yet-to-be realized in the coming years.

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