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mai 2017

A growing body of evidence suggests that criminal activities associated with drug trafficking networks are a progressively important driver of forest loss in Central America. However, the scale at which drug trafficking represents a driver of forest loss is not presently known. We estimated the degree to which narcotics trafficking may contribute to forest loss using an unsupervised spatial clustering of 15 spatial and temporal forest loss patch metrics developed from global forest change data.

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décembre 2010

Los SAF son un conjunto de tecnologías de manejo de suelo, agua, nutrientes y cultivos agrícolas y forestales que bajo un manejo integrado proporcionan importantes beneficios ambientales, productivos y socioeconómicos.

Journal Articles & Books
décembre 2010

The diversity of forest management experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean shows that sustainable forest management is achievable and can be a highly competitive option in a variety of contexts. Communities, companies, NGOs and the state itself, which owns most of the forests in the region, have applied techniques and practices that have kept forests standing while at the same time obtaining economic benefits and contributing to global wellbeing.

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décembre 2016
septembre 2009

El presente Decreto aprueba el Reglamento de la Ley que tiene por objeto regular el uso y aprovechamiento sostenible y garantizar el acceso de la población a las zonas costeras marinas y lacustres, mediante los planes de desarrollo coordinados institucionalmente por la Comisión Nacional de Desarrollo de las Zonas Costeras (CDZC).

Implementa: Ley Nº 690 - Ley para el desarrollo de las zonas costeras. (2009-06-04)