République dominicaine

The index below offers access to a diverse collection of land-related publications and resources related specifically to this country, which have been classified by contributing organizations.

Country land legislations: 31 entries

Treaties, laws and regulations on land and soil extracted from FAOLEX

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Ley Nº 5.879 - Reforma Agraria.Date of entry: 23 Feb 1996 Last edit: 13 Nov 2007
Ley Nº 314 - Define el latifundio en la República Dominicana.Date of entry: 26 Feb 1996 Last edit: 24 Jan 2001
Ley Nº 317 - Catastro Nacional.Date of entry: 27 Feb 1996 Last edit: 24 Jan 2001
Ley Nº 361 - Procedimiento para la captación de tierras baldías.Date of entry: 27 Feb 1996 Last edit: 24 Jan 2001
Ley Nº 55 - Modifica la Ley Nº 5.879 de 1962, sobre Reforma Agraria.Date of entry: 18 Mar 1998 Last edit: 24 Jan 2001
Ley Nº 108 - Ley de Registro Inmobiliario.Date of entry: 01 Dec 2005 Last edit: 15 Jun 2007
Reglamento de los Tribunales Superiores de Tierras.Date of entry: 10 Jan 2007 Last edit: 10 Jan 2007
Reglamento General de Registros de Títulos.Date of entry: 10 Jan 2007 Last edit: 10 Jan 2007
Resolución Nº 59/07 - Reglamento General de Mensuras y Catastro.Date of entry: 15 Jun 2007 Last edit: 15 Jun 2007
Resolución Nº 1.738/07 - Reglamento General de Mensuras Catastrales.Date of entry: 06 Nov 2007 Last edit: 06 Nov 2007
Ley Nº 5.933 - Regula el arrendamiento de terrenos rurales.Date of entry: 13 Nov 2007 Last edit: 13 Nov 2007
Ley Nº 150 - Ley sobre el Catastro Nacional.Date of entry: 11 Jul 2014 Last edit: 11 Jul 2014
Constitution of the Dominican Republic.Date of entry: 14 Oct 2013 Last edit: 07 Jan 2014

FAO Land publications: 10 entries

Extracted from the FAO Corporate Document Repository

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Livestock and Gender: A Winning PairYear of Publication: 2000
Indigenous farmer in the municipality of Sayaxché, department of Petén, Guatemala, viewing the stunted corn crop on his land bordering an oil palm plantation.  - - - As...
“En esta gran isla del Caribe compartida en el presente por los Países de Haití y República Dominicana, se e stá llevando a cabo una invasión de empresas...
The second call for researchers to conduct small pieces of country research for the Independent Review Mechanism of the Open Government Partnership is now out! Find out more Here....
“La Rel-UITA publica un nuevo folleto informativo sobre turismo orientado al sector sindical en América Latina elaborado por Daniel Gatti con la colaboración de ALBA SUD y organizaciones...
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