Corée du Sud

The index below offers access to a diverse collection of land-related publications and resources related specifically to this country, which have been classified by contributing organizations.

Country land legislations: 20 entries

Treaties, laws and regulations on land and soil extracted from FAOLEX

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Foreigner's Land Acquisition Act.Date of entry: 25 Feb 2005
Cadastral Act.Date of entry: 18 Apr 2005
Framework Act on the National Land.Date of entry: 20 May 2005
Enforcement Decree of the Soil Environment Conservation Act.Date of entry: 05 Oct 2006 Last edit: 14 Nov 2012
Enforcement Decree of the Cadastral Act.Date of entry: 15 Mar 2007 Last edit: 15 Mar 2007
National Land Planning and Utilization Act.Date of entry: 28 May 2007 Last edit: 28 May 2007
Farmland Act.Date of entry: 13 May 2005 Last edit: 03 Jan 2012
Farmland Act (Act No. 8352 of 2007).Date of entry: 04 Jan 2012 Last edit: 04 Jan 2012
Mining Act.Date of entry: 29 Jan 2004 Last edit: 15 Feb 2011
Clean Air Conservation Act.Date of entry: 25 Feb 2005 Last edit: 14 Feb 2011
Water Quality Conservation Act.Date of entry: 25 Feb 2005 Last edit: 21 Nov 2012
Soil Environment Conservation Act (Act No. 4906 of 1995).Date of entry: 29 Apr 2005 Last edit: 15 Jun 2012
Clean Air Conservation Act (Act No. 8404 of 2007).Date of entry: 14 Feb 2011 Last edit: 13 Nov 2012
Mining Industry Act (Act No. 8355 of 2007).Date of entry: 15 Feb 2011 Last edit: 15 Feb 2011
Decree No. 290 on Agricultural Law.Date of entry: 13 May 2004 Last edit: 27 Jan 2006

FAO Land publications: NO entries

Extracted from the FAO Corporate Document Repository

CSR Asia has published a new report on Conflicts Over Land: A Role of Responsible and Inclusive Business. The report examines the rise of “land grabs” in Asia and how this impacts on poor and...
  This paper is part of a broader Chatham House study which assesses illegal logging and the associated trade. The study, which began in 2006, measures the nature and extent of the problem, and...
The second call for researchers to conduct small pieces of country research for the Independent Review Mechanism of the Open Government Partnership is now out! Find out more Here....
“This analysis of the role and dynamic of land concentration and foreign land ownership in Argentina describes the scale of concentration in the agricultural sector, focusing on large domestic...
“If there is any country on the planet worried about its food supply, it is South Korea, which imports more than 90 percent of its food from overseas, including almost all of its wheat and...
“L’acquisition de terres à l’étranger est souvent dénoncé comme un accaparement aux conséquences néfastes. Les transactions étant menées en haut-lieu, les population concernées n’ont que...
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