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Enhancing Open Access to Knowledge, Information & Data in the Mekong: Open Data Festival and Regional Capacity-building Workshop

Dimanche, février 26, 2017 to Mardi, février 28, 2017


Best Western Green Hill Yangon

Over the last 30 years, the nation states in the Mekong region have taken steps to reform their land policy to facilitate the efforts to end poverty, create wealth and grow their economies. To do this most effectively in this modern age requires the leveraging of technical innovations and data.

Land Rights Matter! Anchors to Reduce Land Grabbing, Dispossession and Displacement

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“It is paradoxical but hardly surprising that the right to food has been endorsed more often and with greater unanimity and urgency than most other human rights, while at the same time being violated more comprehensively and systematically than probably any other.”

Richard Cohen, in Causes of Hunger, 1994

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septembre 2016

Latin America: Expansion into palm oil's 'new frontier' snags on land muddles

By: Mike Verdin
Date: September 23rd 2016

Expansion of palm oil producers into Latin America, the "new frontier for global expansion" is snagging on confusion over land rights – which is encouraging some groups to expand into rainforest.

Banks pump billions into deforestation-linked firms in Southeast Asia - study

By: Beh Lih Yi
Date: September 6th 2016
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

"This research suggests that banks continue to turn a blind eye to the devastating impacts of their financial services"

JAKARTA, Sept 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Banks have financed companies responsible for rainforest destruction in Southeast Asia to the tune of billions of dollars, a study showed Tuesday, and called on lenders to stop "fuelling forest crime".

Asian Water Development Outlook 2016

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The Asia and Pacific region has witnessed a remarkable transition in the past 2 decades. From 1990 to 2012, more than 1 billion people in Asia and the Pacific were lifted out of extreme poverty. The region also witnessed rapid economic growth, which is expected to remain stable at a growth rate of about 5.7% for the next 2 years.

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août 2016

Call for Expressions of Interest- LEGEND analytical paper on land disputes

The DFID-funded LEGEND (Land: Enhancing Governance for Economic Development) programme is commissioning an analytical paper on "Addressing land disputes in private sector or development interventions". The LEGEND Core Land Support Team (CLST) is looking to contract one or more experts to prepare this paper. Please find attached the TORs for this paper.