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Gender equality is central to FAO’s mandate for achieving food security for all by raising levels of nutrition, improving agricultural productivity and natural resource management and,...
“The overwhelming attention to global ‘land grabbing’ has paid no heed to recent agricultural land investments in post-Soviet Central Asia. This paper contributes to fill the void and focuses...
Papers and presentations from the OHCHR - UN Women expert group meeting on “Good practices in realizing women’s rights to productive resources, with a focus on land” are now...
Here it is an interesting publication from UN Women on the work done by the UN entity - and UNIFEM before its establishment in 2011 - to promote women’s empowerment in Kyrgyzstan...
The Gender and Land Rights Database was launched by FAO in 2010 to highlight the major social, economic, political and cultural factors that influence the enforcement of women’s land rights...
Transition countries in the former Eastern bloc have struggled with economic decline since the 1990s. The magnitude of economic decline was significantly higher in Tajikistan than that in other...
EastAgri is a network of institutions coordinated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Investment Centre committed to improving the agricultural and agribusiness...
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