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novembre 2014

The former Soviet Central Asian republics have undergone de-intensification of their livestock sectors, resulting in an increased reliance on natural pastures. Property rights systems are key to the sustainable management of this resource. However, as the authors demonstrate, it is not easy to implement the respective reform processes.

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décembre 1999

Global population in the year 2020 will be a third higher than in 1995, but demand for food and fiber will rise by an even higher proportion, as incomes grow, diets diversify, and urbanization accelerates. However this demand is met, population and farming pressure on land resources will intensify greatly. There is growing concern in some quarters that a decline in long-term soil productivity is already seriously limiting food production in the developing world, and that the problem is getting worse. Sarah Sherr first focuses on the magnitude and effects of soil degradation.

Policy Papers & Briefs
décembre 1999

La population mondiale en 2020 sera de 30% superieure a celie de 1995, mais la demande en denrees alimentaires et fibre augmentera d'un pourcentage encore plus eleve au fur et a mesure de la croissance des revenus, de la diversification des regimes alimentaires et de I'acceleration de I'urbanisation. Quelle que soit la maniere dont cette demande sera remplie, la pression demographique et agricole exercee sur les ressources fonciere s'intensifiera sensiblement.

Second call for expressions of interest: national or regional information and data partnerships on land

Segundo convite à manifestação de interesse:

Parceria para a provedoria de informação ou dados nacionais ou regionais sobre terra

Segunda convocatoria de manifestación de interés: alianzas nacionales o regionales para compartir datos sobre la tierra

La Fondation du portail foncier  désirerait s’assurer la collaboration de partenaires nationaux ou régionaux qui acceptent de servir de relais pour la transmission d’informations concernant le développement, en fonction de leur destination géographique ou thématique.

La fondation souhaiterait  tout spécialement  être en relation avec des pourvoyeurs chevronnés d’information ou des organisations qui s’occupent de questions foncières, désireuses d’augmenter le volume de leurs services d’information.

juillet 2014

The purpose ofthis report is to provide guidance to the staff of the World Bank's
Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region with respect to mobilizing cultural assets to
support socioeconomic development in our country and regional work programs. To this
end it seeks to demonstrate how and when it makes sense for us to get involved in
activities related to cultural asset mobilization. Equally important, it also indicates how
and when we should leave cultural heritage activities to others. In particular, this report
addresses the following questions:

août 2013

The paper's main objectives are to
provide a common thematic basis for urban transport inputs
into the making of country-specific assistance strategies,
and thereafter to guide urban transport project and sector
work included in the business plans agreed under these
strategies. It is a companion volume to the forthcoming ECA
Transport Strategy Paper, which covers all modes of
transport. It also represents a bridge between the