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Pour Madagascar, la décentralisation en général et la décentralisation de la gestion foncière en particulier ne souffrent pas de vide juridique. Mais de problèmes résultent de la non...
“Across the continent, Africans are witnessing their most fertile agricultural lands being sold‐off for the global biofuel industry at unprecedented rates, fueling social anxiety and unrest. In...
« Les promesses et les espoirs suscités par le projet minier d’ilménite à Fort-Dauphin (Madagascar) étaient forts lorsque nous nous sommes rendus sur place en 2009. Trois ans après, en...
“We conducted an analysis of deforestation and forest disturbance from 2005 - 2011 in Masoala National Park, the largest federal protected area in Madagascar. read more
“Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic increase in large-scale land deals, often from public lands to the hands of foreign or domestic investors. Popularly referred to as a ‘global...
“Conservation can have both positive and negative effects on human well-being by causing changes in ecosystem service flows and reallocation of the distribution of benefits. This can lead to...
« Le numéro 22 des Cahiers Agricultures (Janvier-Février 2013) se consacre aux questions foncières. Les chercheurs remarquent notamment qu’au travers des cessions foncières, les décideurs font...
“Korean diplomats are working hard to help Daewoo Logistics regain a huge land deal it lost after a 2009 coup d’etat in the island nation in anticipation of new elections slated for the first...
“La società italiana Tozzi Green, filiale dell’italiana Tozzi Renewable Energy, coltiva soprattutto jatropha per la produzione di agro combustibili, sull’altopiano di Ihorombe nel centro-sud...
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