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Constitution of BotswanaYear of Publication: 2006
Marriage Law of BotswanaYear of Publication: 2001
Succession Act of BotswanaYear of Publication: 1970
Customary Law Act of BotswanaYear of Publication: 1969
Deeds Registry Act of BotswanaYear of Publication: 1960
By Lesego Loate on 11 Jun 2014 - - - Rural Limpopo communities are prepared to take legal action against the government to prevent the MPRDA and Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Bills...
Established in 2007, the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) is the most comprehensive collection of quantitative data on governance in Africa. Compiled in partnership with experts from a...
Lors de la campagne présidentielle, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita n’a pas caché sa volonté de trouver une solution aux problèmes fonciers. En zone rurale comme dans les zones urbaines, une chasse effroyable...
In many countries across Africa, the right of the firstborn male, or closest male relative, to inherit family property - is still standard practice. Women are denied the right to inherit the family...
Blantyre — Groups representing small-scale farmers, rural women and social activists from the countries of the Southern African Development Community, SADC, are asking the regional bloc to consider...
“In an unprecedented move branded ‘vindictive and repressive’, Botswana’s government has prevented British attorney Gordon Bennett from entering Botswana, where he was due to represent...
The report is the most comprehensive study of its kind to date, based on thousands of surveys, interviews, and other data collected across eight low and middle income countries. Situating public...
“Dozens of Botswana Bushmen threatened with eviction, reportedly because they live in an area proposed as a ‘wildlife corridor’, have won a significant court victory in their struggle to stay...
“At the present time, there are approximately 550 people in the Central Kalahari, and some 3,500 people in the three resettlement sites outside of the reserve. read more
On 9.9.1999, the Heads of State and Government of the Organisation of African Unity issued a Declaration (the Sirte Declaration) calling for the establishment of an African Union, with a view, inter...
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