The index below offers access to a diverse collection of land-related publications and resources related specifically to this country, which have been classified by contributing organizations.

Country land legislations: 26 entries

Treaties, laws and regulations on land and soil extracted from FAOLEX

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Public Ownership of Rural Lands Proclamation No. 31/1975.Date of entry: 10 Oct 1995 Last edit: 24 Jun 2010
Urban Lands Lease Holding Proclamation No. 80/1993.Date of entry: 14 Jun 1996 Last edit: 27 Jun 2000
Urban Planning Proclamation No. 574/2008.Date of entry: 13 Feb 2009 Last edit: 18 Feb 2009
Disclosure and Registration of Assets Proclamation (No. 668/2010).Date of entry: 21 May 2010 Last edit: 18 Feb 2013
Property Mortgaged or Pledged with Banks Proclamation (No. 97/1998).Date of entry: 06 Jul 2010 Last edit: 09 Jul 2010
Business Mortgage Proclamation (No. 98/1998).Date of entry: 06 Jul 2010 Last edit: 11 Jul 2010
Condominium Proclamation No. 370/2003.Date of entry: 03 Jul 2014 Last edit: 04 Jul 2014
Micro-Financing Business Proclamation (No. 626/2009).Date of entry: 06 Jul 2010 Last edit: 18 Feb 2013
Authentication and Registration of Documents' Proclamation No. 334/2003.Date of entry: 30 Jun 2014 Last edit: 01 Jul 2014
Constitution of Ethiopia.Date of entry: 06 Jan 2014 Last edit: 03 Jul 2014
Addis Ababa City Government Revised Charter Proclamation No. 361/2003.Date of entry: 03 Jul 2014 Last edit: 04 Jul 2014
Mining Operations Council of Ministers Regulations No. 182/1994.Date of entry: 06 Feb 2009 Last edit: 13 Feb 2009
Mining Proclamation No.52/1993.Date of entry: 09 Feb 2009 Last edit: 13 Feb 2009
Diredawa Administration Charter Proclamation No. 416/2004.Date of entry: 03 Jul 2014 Last edit: 04 Jul 2014

IFPRI Land Publications: 21 entries

Recovered from the IFPRI e-brary

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Landesa Publications: 51 entries

Extracted from LandWise: A Women & Land Library, a project of the Landesa Center for Women's Land Rights

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Haramaya Law Review: Full JournalYear of Publication: 2012
Are Land Deals Driving Wather Grabs?Year of Publication: 2011
Securing Land Rights for WomenYear of Publication: 2010
Land Proclamation of Afar, 2009Year of Publication: 2009
Family Code of Amhara, 2003Year of Publication: 2003
Revised Family Code of 2000Year of Publication: 2000
Constitution of TigrayYear of Publication: 1995
Constitution of Afar [Amharic]Year of Publication: 1994
Civil Code: Table of ContentsYear of Publication: 1960
Civil Code: Book 1Year of Publication: 1960
Civil Code: Book 2Year of Publication: 1960
Civil Code: Book 3Year of Publication: 1960
Civil Code: Book 4Year of Publication: 1960
Civil Code: Book 5Year of Publication: 1960

Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Land Publications: 37 entries

IDS Index.

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World Bank Land Publications: 26 entries

Extracted from the World Bank's Documents & Reports database

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La vallée du Rift. © DR - - - Cultiver de manière responsable sans appauvrir les terres tout en se préoccupant de la biodiversité, faire des choix de consommation qui conjuguent...
Established in 2007, the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) is the most comprehensive collection of quantitative data on governance in Africa. Compiled in partnership with experts from a...
Construction du déversoir amenant l’eau des lacs de Toshka en 2010.  - - -  Lancé en grande pompe en 1997, le projet de Tochka était censé régler les problèmes démographiques et...
(Nairobi) – New satellite imagery shows extensive clearance of land used by indigenous groups to make way for state-run sugar plantations in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley, Human Rights...
Oakland, CA – In a historic move, the US Congress has taken a stance on land grabs-related human rights abuses in Ethiopia. The 2014 Omnibus Appropriations Bill contains provisions that ensure that...
Face aux difficultés enregistrées en Afrique par leurs projets d’investissements agricoles pour assurer la sécurisation de leurs approvisionnements, les pays du Golfe réorientent leur stratégie d’...
News, views and experiences of policy-makers, practitioners and communities on making rangelands secure for local users
Why do you care about women’s land rights? Isn’t it enough for the household to have land? This question is a common refrain heard from many corners of the developing world, but most disturbingly...
This report provides some reflections and insights on the level of awareness, practices, and organizational and institutional issues being faced by countries as they adapt to climate change, based on...
Two videos on the implications of large scale land adquisitions in Ethiopia and Mali: - Impact of the “villagization program” in Ethiopia and land grab by the Indian Karuturi PLC...
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