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Technical experts from G7 donors (UK, US, Germany, France), AU Land Policy Initiative and FAO have compiled a due diligence framework for land related investments based on existing standards, guidance and good practice, to support responsible investments under the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

26 mai 2017

Colonialism brought large-scale farming to Africa, promising modernisation and jobs – but often dispossessing people and exploiting workers. Now, after several decades of independence, and with investor interest growing, African governments are once again promoting large plantations and estates. But the new corporate interest in African agriculture has been criticised as a “land grab”.

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décembre 2000

This seven-page country report is short but identifies the current situation of data collection in the country. The first part describes the overall situation as well as the main wood products of the country. The second part describes the main institutions involved in the overall collection, analysis and dissemination process of the data related to these products followed by some production figures. The third part of the report presents an evaluation of the data while the fourth part suggests some measures to improve the overall statistical process.

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décembre 2015

Angola e a FAO têm colaborado intensamente desde que o país passou a fazer parte da organização em 1977, com uma ampla assistência oferecida através de mais de 230 projetos de desenvolvimento. Devido aos 27 anos de guerra civil no país, as primeiras intervenções concentraram-se em assistência de emergência, incluindo o reassentamento de famílias vulneráveis nas áreas rurais e a provisão de insumos agrícolas para a rápida retomada da produção de alimentos.

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décembre 1999

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décembre 2009

The completion of this comprehensive harmonized soil information database will improve estimation of current and future land potential productivity, help identify land and water limitations, and enhance assessing risks of land degradation, particularly soil erosion. The HWSD contributes sound scientific knowledge for planning sustainable expansion of agricultural production and for guiding policies to address emerging land competition issues concerning food production, bio-energy demand and threats to biodiversity.

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décembre 2016

This report uses data from a two-year impact evaluation to analyse the impact of the Ethiopia Social Cash Transfer Pilot Programme (SCTPP) on household behaviour and decision-making, including agricultural production and other income-generating activities, labour supply, the accumulation of productive assets, access to credit and food security.