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MegaFlorestais 2012

MegaFlorestais 2012 will be co-hosted by the the United States Forest Service, in cooperation with RRI.

The conference will be the seventh meeting of “MegaFlorestais,” an informal group of public forest agency leaders dedicated to advancing international dialogue and exchange on transitions in forest governance, forest industry, and the roles of public forest agencies. The group included the heads of forestry agencies of the largest forest countries in the world which are willing to share their experiences and challenges in a frank, open and technical manner.


The upcoming meeting in Santa Fe will continue MegaFlorestais’ focus on forest tenure and governance, policy and regulations, and the changing roles of forest agencies in today’s economic environment – issues that are particularly critical today because of the increased attention being paid to forests in the global discussions on resource scarcity and climate change. In addition, the meeting will discuss transitions in the global forest industry, and how agencies are responding to ensure that their domestic industries continue to contribute to rural development, as well as climate change and the role of forest agencies in addressing this critical global challenge.

The agenda will be available in the next few months. For more information, please contact Claire Biason at cbiason(at)