Climate change, food security, and socioeconomic livelihood in Pacific Islands

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Climate change projections internationally accepted as being reliable indicate that most countries in the Pacific region will suffer large-scale negative impacts from climate change. These impacts are likely to include elevated air and sea-surface temperatures, increasingly unpredictable rainfall patterns, rising sea levels, and intensification of extreme weather events such as tropical cyclones and El Niño-related droughts.

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Diciembre 2015

Prospects and adaptation strategies for the fisheries sector under climate change in Pacific Coral Triangle countries: Consultant’s final report

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Diciembre 2016

Fiji: Land and water resources management identified to achieve sustainable food security

By: Swastika Singh
Date: September 21st 2016

Different varieties of dalo, yams, cassava and sweet potatoes are some of the climate change resilient crops.

Permanent Secretary for Agriculture Jitendra Singh says to achieve sustainable food security, land and water resources management has been identified as one of the priority areas.

Fiji Microfinance Policy Review

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The Review suggests the outlines of an
architecture for microfinance in Fiji in which the National
Centre for Small and Micro-Enterprise Development (NCSMED),
as envisioned by the Government of Fiji, is the primary
source of funding and technical assistance for microfinance
institutions. But to assure a sound financial sector
building approach to policy it is desirable that the Royal
Bank of Fiji also have substantial input. The Review also

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Agosto 2013