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Junio 2012

Finnish economic history during the "long" 20th century, with a special emphasis on policies for equity and growth, is reviewed.

World Bank Group

Sami Indigenous People Face Unprecedented Land Grab in Finland

Date: April 3rd 2016
Source: TeleSUR 

Finland's new Forestry Act is poised to rob Sami people of decision-making control over their homelands.

Sami Indigenous people in Finland are facing an unprecedented assault on their rights and territory as a new Forestry Act threatens to level swathes of the last boreal forest in Europe, home to the native group and unique biodiversity, Global Research reported Sunday.

Indigenous People Are Fighting Finland's Plan to Log Ancient Forests

By: Emily J. Gertz
Date: March 24th 2016

A bill being fast-tracked through Finland’s parliament could lead to an explosion in fishing, logging, and mining on state-managed waters and lands, which include more than 30,000 square miles of forest.

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Enero 2014


International Food Policy Research Institute
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