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Conference Papers for the "International Conference on Global Land Grabbing"

The Conference Papers submitted for the “International Conference on Global Land Grabbing” (IDS, Brighton, 6-8 April 2011) are being uploaded on the Future Agricultures website.
Follow the link below to download them

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HIV/AIDS and Agriculture: Impacts and Responses

This publication discusses the linkages between agriculture and HIV/AIDS through three case studies (Uganda, Namibia and Zambia). It emphasises vulnerability of women and orphans with insecure property rights.

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Review of the Land Reforms in Southern Africa 2010

This book forms part of a learning programme on ‘Land Reform From Below: Decentralised Land Reform in Southern Africa’.

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South South Dialogue Land Use Planning

The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement (MLR) and the Technical Cooperation Program “Support to Land Reform” in cooperation with the Sector Project “Land Policy and Land Management” and financed by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). During the 20. - 24.

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Communal Land Registration

This brochure provides the necessary information for people living in communal areas to have their land rights registered.  The brochure also tackles why land has to be registered; who is responsible for the various aspects of the process; and how land disputes are handled.

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Customary and legislative aspects of land registration and management on communal land in Namibia

This document describes the consultation of traditional authorities in Namibia on how communal land is managed and on the registration of customary land rights.

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Namibia: Housing the Urban Poor Crucial

Windhoek — Any formal process of addressing the acute shortage of housing will be a failure because the majority in need of housing are the poor, whose incomes do not allow them to purchase houses through banks, from individuals or property developers. This was the view of Dr. Anna Muller of the Namibia Housing Action Group (NHAG) at a public lecture at the University of Namibia this week.

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Expert Group Meeting: Good practices in realizing women's rights to productive resources, with a focus on land

Papers and presentations from the OHCHR - UN Women expert group meeting on “Good practices in realizing women’s rights to productive resources, with a focus on land” are now available.

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Namibia: Law banning urban land auctions coming

The Namibian Government has put in motion plans to change the Local Authorities Act and to ban town councils from selling land through auctions or tender processes that prevent many low-income earners from owning properties due to inflated prices.

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UN independent human rights expert says Namibia must bridge yawning gaps in inequality, in particular women's access to land

[via UN News Centre] 8 October 2012 – Despite its economic and political gains over the past two decades, Namibia still remains beset by “unacceptable” levels of poverty, a United Nations expert warned today, while urging the African country to adopt major structural changes to tackle its levels of inequality.

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