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Statutory recognition of customary land rights in Africa

Recognizing and protecting customary land rights is a critical component of protecting and defending the land rights of the rural poor.

LDPI Working Paper 1: Commercial Biofuel Land Deals & Environment and Social Impact Assessments in Africa: Three case studies in Mozambique and Sierra Leone

The rapid increase in attempts by foreign investors to acquire large tracts of land in Africa for biofuel developments has generated substantial concern about their potential negative impact on the communities living in the targeted areas. This includes concerns about the impact on local residents’ livelihoods, their access to land, natural resources and labour, and their food security.

Agrocarburants: impacts au Sud ?

Longtemps considérée comme une panacée face aux changements climatiques, la production d’agrocarburants pose problème. En particulier en Asie, en Amérique latine et en Afrique, où elle prend le plus souvent la forme de vastes monocultures – de canne, de palme, de soja… – aux mains de l’agro-industrie.

Mozambique Political Process Bulletin on Land

The Mozambique Political Process Bulletin N.48 is dedicated to land policies and land investments. It presents the state of the national debate, provides an overview of land uses and allocations, including maps of overlapping allocations to communities and investors.

L'Italie va financer un projet de biocarburant à Maputo

Selon la télévision, le projet est mis en œuvre à Sabie, dans le sud de la province de Maputo. Actuellement, 70 hectares de Jatropha ont déjà été utilisés pour produire le carburant. Joao Alves, technicien agraire a annoncé que l’objectif était de développer un terrain de 120 hectares pour cultiver le Jatropha.

Transforming African Economies for Sustained Growth, Poverty Reduction

Accra—Policymakers, African experts, and international researchers are convening here on May 10-11 to discuss important opportunities and challenges related to economic development, urbanization, and industrialization on the continent.

South Africa's white farmers are moving further north

They are calling it the next great trek. Almost two centuries after Boers hitched their wagons to oxen and headed inland to establish the South African republic, they are on the move again. This time they are flying – and their destination is the whole of the African continent.

Improving Market Access Through Research and Analysis

While increasing access to well-functioning markets for high-value agricultural products is one key component of agricultural and economic development, an equally important component is ensuring that smallholder producers, particularly women, have the capacity to take advantage of this increased access.

Os senhores da terra

O termo “usurpação” refere-se à acção de apoderar-se astuciosa ou violentamente de uma coisa de que alguém legitimamente usufruiu ou que lhe pertence; alcançar sem direito; adquirir por fraude; estar a possuir ilegitimamente.

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Postwar land dispute resolutuion in Mozambique

Unruh JD (2001) Postwar land dispute resolution: land tenure and the peace process in
Mozambique. International Journal of World Peace. 18: 3-30

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