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Rural land market in Armenia

Armenia is geographically located in the South Caucasus and bordered by Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The total length of its land boundaries is 1,026 km, including a 167-km border with Georgia, 268 km with Turkey, 556 km with Azerbaijan and 35 km with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The total area of Armenia is 29,800 km2, with a land area of 28,400 km2.

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Condition of rural land markets in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Republic is in the Southern Caucasus, between longitudes 444 and 522 East and latitudes 388 and 422 North. Its territory is 86,400 square km.

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Agricultural land market in Bulgaria

The land fragmentation in Bulgaria is a big problem after the land restitution. As a result of the implementation of the activities according to the Law on Ownership and use of agricultural land, land reallocation plans by Territories Belonging to Settlements (TBSs) were drawn up and came into force for the entire territory of the country.

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The state of cadastre, land market and real property development in Serbia and Montenegro

The paper provides basic sharacteristics of Real Estate Cadastre as a unique record system of real estate and registration rights with overview regarding its implementation and ways of managing Land Cadastre and Land Books. The problems of unique record system have been emphasized due to its inclusive real estate date and registration of rights.

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Land market development in the Czech Republic

Land market in the Czech Republic is monitored by Research Institute of Agricultural Economics on the sample of 24 districts (1/3 of the CR). Land prices depend on the area, culture and region of the plot. Sales of small plots (up to 1 ha) prevail.

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Situation and structure of land relations is in each state result of long-term development of society. Structure of agricultural land ownership in Slovakia is likewise as also in other EU states different from structure of agricultural land use. In administration of the Slovak Land Fund it is still at present (2005) app. 25% of agricultural land.

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