Law No. 2 of 1983 on pasture.


This Law aims to manage and develop the pasture by identifying the areas of rough grazing, planning the grazing according to scientific bases, protecting the natural vegetation, conserving water re

Agrarian Reform Law No. 117 of 1970.


This Law consists of 5 Chapters divided into 52 articles: Definition of agricultural ownership (I); Distribution (II); Agricultural relations (III); Agricultural cooperative societies (IV); Miscell

Iraqi Company for Contracts for Land Reclamation (Law No. 116 of 1981).


There shall be established the Iraqi Company for Contracts of Land Reclamation under the Council of Ministers.

Resolution concerning the alienation of real property within the boundaries of the Master Plan of Baghdad (No. 157 of 1994).


Transfer of real estate within the boundaries of the Master Plan for Baghdad or the boundaries of the main master plans of Aqdiyas and Nahiyas attached to the Baghdad Governate of a certain type sh

Resolution No. 150 of 12 October 1997 concerning the sale of plots of land for housing owned by the State to farmers.


Land owned by the State which is not burdened with "disposal rights" and which is classified according to master plans of villages nominated for rural development, shall be sold to the farmers excl

Resolution concerning agricultural land. Unofficial title ( No. 211 of 1991).


The agricultural lands owned by the State, burdened with the right of "disposal" of persons who personally or through others cultivated it, according to the "agricultural density" decided for them,

Resolution No. 14 of 1992 concerning the plantation in the city of Baghdad.


The plantation of lands specified in the Master Plan of the City of Baghdad shall be carried out in accordance with the Plan within the limitation of the tree line.


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