Agriculture and food.Rural development

Land theme paper (sustainable livelihoods)

This paper examines the challenges of institutional, organisational and policy reform around land in Southern Africa.

Growth, development and land-use in a simple agrarian economy with endogenous population

This paper analyses the relation between demographic transformation, agricultural transformation and land-use pressure within a simple agrarian economy, where population is treated both as a cause

New stakeholders and the promotion of agro-silvo-pastoral activities in southern Burkina Faso: false start or inexperience?

This paper explores and evaluates the impact of a new form of large-scale agriculture which is becoming an increasing phenomenon in southern Burkina Faso.

The global supply and demand for agricultural land in 2050: a perfect storm in the making?

The number of people which the world must feed is expected to increase by 50% during the first half of this century, but will the world’s agricultural resource base be up to the task of meeting the

Agrarian reform and the 'two economies': transforming South Africa’s countryside

South African president Mbeki has characterised the developmental challenge in his country in terms of integrating the structurally disconnected ‘two economies’.

Linkages between rural population ageing, intergenerational transfers of land and agricultural production: are they important?

The paper considers: the question of whether the process of population ageing affects the ways in which land is passed on between members of different generationsthe likely implications of ageing-

Land in Africa: market asset or secure livelihood?

This document summarises the proceedings from a conference organised by International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) , Natural Resource insitute (NRI) and the Royal African Societ

Land rights for African development: from knowledge to action

This collection of briefing papers summarises select papers presented at the workshop: "Land Rights for African Development: From Knowledge to Action" held in November 2005.

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