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Investments in agriculture key to reducing poverty in Africa – UN official

This article argues that greater investments in agriculture and rural development will boost economic growth and reduce poverty in Africa, both of which are critical to achieving the global target

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IFAD and land issues

IFAD’s experience in empowering poor rural people leaves it well positioned to support their active role in developing new land policies and legislation.

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The Land Portal Video

This is the promotional video on the Land Portal, a powerful, new online tool designed to make finding, sharing, and collaborating on land information easier and more effective.

Mr. Jean-Maurice DURAND

Technical adviser land tenure and rural infrastructures in PTA division (IFAD). French, English speaker.

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Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility

The Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility invites applications from indigenous peoples’ organizations and communities, as well as organizations that work with them, for grants to fund projects, innovative approaches and partnerships that promote the development of indigenous peoples and help them fulfil their aspirations.

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The Land Portal Video

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TICAD: Fifth Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development

From 1st to 3rd June, in Yokohama, Japan, took place the Fifth Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development (TICAD V).



Land Governance Assessment Framework | The World Bank

The Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF) is a diagnostic tool to assess the status of land governance at country level in a participatory process that draws systematically on local expertise and existing evidence rather than on outsiders. 

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