Improving the Livelihoods of Pastoralist and Hunter-Gatherer Communities in Mongo wa Mono, Northern Tanzania through Payments for Ecosystem Services

This Project Information Note (PIN) outlines an initial application to the Plan Vivo Foundation for working with select pastoralist and hunter-gatherer communities in Mongo wa Mono village, Mbulu D

The impact of subdivision and sedentarization of pastoral lands on wildlife in an African savanna ecosystem

This study looks at the impact of subdivision and sedentarization of pastoral lands on wildlife numbers and production in a savanna ecosystem of southern Kenya.

Diversification, Experimentation, and Adaptation: Pastoralists in Communal Governance of Resources and Livelihoods Strategies

This paper presents a discussion of the communal tenure system in Olkiramatian, a group ranch in the southern rangelands of Kenya which has granted the residents the flexibility and choice to pursu

Koija Starbeds Ecolodge: A Case Study of a Conservation Enterprise in Kenya.

Conservation enterprises are commercial activities designed to create benefit flows that support a conservation objective.

Conservation outside of parks: Attitudes of local communities in Laikipia, Kenya

Between 1999 and 2002, interviews were conducted in Laikipia District to examine whether pastoralists also experience conflict, and to determine whether wildlife conservation provided appreciable b

Community Scouts Based Monitoring Programme for Wildlife Conservancies

The Kenyan Dry land Livestock and Wildlife Environment Interface Project (DLWEIP), An African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) and African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) have de

Zoning for Sustainable Resource Use at the Livestock, Wildlife, Environment Interface

In most areas within the livestock wildlife environment interface, nomadism by pastoralists is gradually being replaced by sedentarism and migration corridors are closed by settlements from the eve

Governance for Conservatin and Poverty Reduction

IUCN’s work in Garba Tula (GT) through this project has now been underway for almost two years, and to date a number of activities have been implemented in the area.

Pastoralism and Conservation - Who Benefits?

Conservation business is booming in East Africa, but is threatened by major long term wildlife declines.

Integrating Pastoralist Livelihoods and Wildlife Conservation?

This report provides an overview of land use conflicts in Loliondo. According to the Village Land Act No. 5 1999, all land in Loliondo is classified as Village Land.


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