Reports & Research
Enero 2013
América Latina y el Caribe

Latin American cities have been leaders in the implementation of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems—a transportation mode often characterised by infrastructure improvements that prioritise transit over other vehicles and allow quick vehicle access.

Reports & Research
Enero 2005

The document provides a comprehensive study on past and current land management, including an overview of legislation on pasture access and management, and pratical examples of pasture management in practice.

Policy Papers & Briefs
Enero 2011

This lesson brief presents the laws that give people access and secure rights to land. These laws encourage investment in the land and can establish a foundation on which rural families can grow their incomes and assets.

Legislation & Policies
Policy Papers & Briefs

The purpose of this paper is to outline guidelines to be considered by EU donors in the design of their support for interventions in land policy and administration in developing countries. The focus in these Guidelines is on rural land, however much of the discussion will be of considerable relevance to urban areas and can contribute to a national land policy. The document oriented towards generalist and specialist staff, both at field and headquarters with responsibilities directly or indirectly connected with land issues in rural areas.