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Online Discussion on Rural Women on - Now Closed

Online Discussion on Rural Women on - Now Closed

Dear friends,

Wikigender is hosting a new online discussion leading up to a side event co-organised by the OECD Development Centre and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, at the 56th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women on 1 March. The discussion is on:

Equal rights to resources: the key to empowering rural women. But what’s stopping it?

We would like to invite you to actively participate in this discussion, which will start on Monday 13 February at 9am and end on Wednesday 22 February. The outcomes of the discussion will be presented at the side event in New York.  It would be great if you could participate during the discussion with a contribution/comment. Please let us know if you are available.  We would also appreciate if you could help us publicise the discussion as much as possible, via your websites, networks, newsletters, contacts.

We are particularly interested in your contributions on the following questions:·        

  1. How does discrimination in access to, and control over, resources such as land and property influence rural women and girls’ social and economic outcomes?

  2. How does discrimination against rural women and girls relate to broader policy challenges such as food insecurity, climate change and poverty?·        

  3. What are examples of successful approaches for ensuring women and girls’ rights to resources (land, credit, other), both in the law and practice on the ground?·        

  4. What actions should governments, donors, UN bodies and civil society take to address discrimination against rural women and girls?

Many thanks on behalf of the Wikigender Team and we look forward to your participation!

Kind regards,



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Spread the voice and participate!

Thanks Estelle for posting such an interesting discussion! I am sure that the Wikigender community will react positively to this, and I encourage users of the Land Portal to do the same. As you know, we have just closed a discussion, facilitated by the ILC Secretariat and co-hosted by the Land Portal and the FSN Forum, on how to secure women’s land rights. We will be delighted to use the synthesis report of our consultation - including some inputs from your contribution! - for yours. I am also really glad that in the lead-up towards CSW56 more and more interest is built around women’s rights over resources, especially natural resources, including land. These are critical issues for women’s empowerment, rural development and more just societies. These are also issues that are known in policy discussions, but not effectively addressed in terms of awareness raising and implementation - and that should be adequately covered by the CSW Agreed Conclusions, and on which governments should make concrete and tangible commitments. So, thanks again to re-launch this topic with the Wikigender community and help to make the profile of these issues higher in the policy agenda. 

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