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Fellowships for participation in the course "Local governance and rural decentralistion" (February 2013)

Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) at Wageningen UR

New alignments between Government, Business and Civil Society
Nowadays the role of governments is shifting towards creating an enabling environment and to facilitating – rather than steering – economic development and sustainable management of natural resources. Private enterprises are increasingly involved in (local) service delivery activities and local development processes.
Citizens are no longer seen as passive beneficiaries, but rather as active ‘right holders’ with the right to participate and demand good local governance.
This has led to the understanding that local governance for rural development should be addressed as a multi-stakeholder process with interactions taking place at different levels amongst actors with different ambitions or perceptions.

Main course topics are:

  • defining good local governance and underlying paradigms;
  • exploring institutional contexts that impact upon local governance;
  • governance as a multi-stakeholder process;
  • accountability relations between government, business and civil society;
  • power relations, citizenship, rights-based approaches;
  • governance and local-global economic development, governance of natural resources local-global perspective;
  • fiscal decentralisation and participatory budgeting;
  • change processes for improved governance.
  • Target audience

  • you are involved in governance processes in the context of rural decentralisation;
  • you are a government official, project or programme manager, policy maker, consultant, NGO staff, or a member of a federation of community organisations or private sector organisations.
  • Practical information




    € 3,300


    11 - 22 February 2013


    11 January 2013

    deadline NFP

    1 May 2012



    For information on fellowships for this course, please note that the deadline for NFP. For more info: