Land tenure and property rights: rapid evidence assessment

Population growth, globalisation and climate change have all increased pressures on land.

The role of rainfed agriculture in the future of global food production

This paper examines future prospects for rainfed cereal production, and its importance in the evolving global food system.

Fostering global well-being

In this paper, David Bathrick describes the almost revolutionary changes that have taken place in the economic arena in recent years.

Modeling the global trade and environmental impacts of biofuel policies

There is rising skepticism about the potential positive environmental impacts of first generation biofuels.

The rise of aquaculture: The role of fish in global food security

Appetite for fish continues to expand around the globe, despite the stagnant levels of capture fish production.

Impacts of IFPRI's "priorities for pro-poor public investment" global research program

This report assesses the impact of the International Food Policy Research Institute’s (IFPRI) Global Research Program on Priorities for Public Investment in Agriculture and Rural Areas (“GRP-3”).

Global carbon markets

Global climate change poses great risks to poor people whose livelihoods depend directly on the use of natural resources.

Impact of global change on large river basins

The Yellow River basin (YRB) is the breadbasket of China and the “cradle of Chinese civilization.” The basin is characterized by severe water scarcity; the ratio of surface water withdrawal to wate


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