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Country land legislations: 20 entries

Treaties, laws and regulations on land and soil extracted from FAOLEX

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Disposal of Land by Development Authorities (Regulation) Act 1998.Date of entry: 11 Jul 2006 Last edit: 27 May 2009
Punjab Land Utilization Authority Ordinance, 1981.Date of entry: 21 Jul 2006 Last edit: 21 Jul 2006
Land Acquisition Act, 1894 (Act I of 1894).Date of entry: 26 Jul 2006 Last edit: 14 Sep 2012
Land Acquisition (Mines) Act, 1885 (Act XVIII of 1894).Date of entry: 26 Jul 2006 Last edit: 26 Jul 2006
Land Control Karachi Division Act, 1952.Date of entry: 26 Jul 2006 Last edit: 26 Jul 2006
Land Reforms Act, 1977.Date of entry: 08 Sep 2006 Last edit: 08 Sep 2006
Land Reforms Regulation, 1972.Date of entry: 08 Sep 2006 Last edit: 27 May 2009
Land Reforms (Punjab Amendment) Act (Pb Act XI of 1973).Date of entry: 11 Sep 2006 Last edit: 11 Sep 2006
Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900 (Punjab Act II of 1900).Date of entry: 04 Dec 2008 Last edit: 04 Dec 2008
Dera Ghazi Khan Development Authority Act, 1991 (Pb. Act No. VI of 1991).Date of entry: 27 May 2009 Last edit: 27 May 2009
New Murree Development Authority Act, 2004 (Pb. Act No. I of 2004).Date of entry: 28 May 2009 Last edit: 28 May 2009

FAO Land publications: NO entries

Extracted from the FAO Corporate Document Repository

Landesa Publications: 16 entries

Extracted from LandWise: A Women & Land Library, a project of the Landesa Center for Women's Land Rights

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World Bank Land Publications: 24 entries

Extracted from the World Bank's Documents & Reports database

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Rapid melting of glaciers due to climate change is taking heavy toll on water resources, agriculture and other economic sectors in Kashmir.Experts said the climate change has prompted farmers to go...
A farmer said that before the elections, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had promised to give them land rights during his election campaign but the promise remained unfulfilled - - - OKARA:...
Official records of agriculture department’s field wing term its land development proposal vital for Punjab in particular and the country in general in boosting agriculture through a green ...
KARACHI: A comprehensive pro-poor land and agrarian reforms programme should be introduced and implemented in Pakistan with immediate effect to alleviate poverty and bring socio-economic development...
Earlier this month, a People’s Tribunal on Land Rights was held in Hyderabad, presided over by Justice (retd) Wajiuddin Ahmed, and heavily attended by peasants and activists. Continued failure of...
The need to accord female peasants a greater right to ownership of land was stressed at a workshop for media sensitisation on ‘Women’s Right to Land’ held on by the Society for Environmental Actions...
KARACHI: The present landowning system being ‘feudal’ in nature is blocking the way for a review of land reforms. A recent research has shown that farmers in South Punjab have progressed towards ‘...
Executive Director Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) Karamat Ali said on Saturday that the 70 percent of the sitting national and provincial assembly members have feudal...
Who We Are APWLD is the region’s leading network of feminist organisations and women. Our 180 members represent groups of diverse women from 25 countries in the region. We have been active for...
Oxfam and the Institute of Development Studies present the joint research report Squeezed: Life in a time of food price volatility. Half a decade after the price spike of 2007-2008, food price...
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