The index below offers access to a diverse collection of land-related publications and resources related specifically to this country, which have been classified by contributing organizations.

Country land legislations: 16 entries

Treaties, laws and regulations on land and soil extracted from FAOLEX

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Land Reform Law.Date of entry: 24 Sep 2003 Last edit: 16 Oct 2006
Land Survey and Statistics Law.Date of entry: 24 Sep 2003
Law regulating the sale of land under dams and rivers, 1939.Date of entry: 16 Feb 2005 Last edit: 24 Nov 2006
Law on Land Expropriation.Date of entry: 14 Apr 2008 Last edit: 14 Apr 2008
Law on Land Survey, Verification and Registration (Law No. 346).Date of entry: 12 Feb 2009 Last edit: 12 Feb 2009
Land Management Law of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.Date of entry: 12 Oct 2009 Last edit: 12 Oct 2009
Law on Pasture and Grazing Land.Date of entry: 03 Apr 2008 Last edit: 03 Apr 2008
Law on Pasture Lands.Date of entry: 24 Sep 2003
Law on Municipality.Date of entry: 24 Sep 2003
Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.Date of entry: 05 Jul 2007 Last edit: 27 May 2014

Landesa Publications: 15 entries

Extracted from LandWise: A Women & Land Library, a project of the Landesa Center for Women's Land Rights

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World Bank Land Publications: 25 entries

Extracted from the World Bank's Documents & Reports database

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CSR Asia has published a new report on Conflicts Over Land: A Role of Responsible and Inclusive Business. The report examines the rise of “land grabs” in Asia and how this impacts on poor and...
This country profile has been compiled as part of a series of country factsheets particularly prepared for Dutch embassies developing a strategic analysis on food security and water. The...
This is a 2009 study undertaken by the Rural Development Institute, now Landesa, and authored by Elisa Scalise. It focuses on six South Asian countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal,...
This summary of Land Tenure and Property Rights (LTPR) issues in Afghanistan is part of a series of LTPR Country Profiles produced by Associates in Rural Development, World Resources Institute and...
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