Effects of diet in improving iron status of women

This brief describes research in Bangladesh. The brief argues that poor diet quality and low bioavailability of dietary iron are important factors contributing to iron deficiency anemia (IDA).

Agriculture, Nutrition, and Health: Connecting the Dots

The agriculture, nutrition, and health nexus came to prominence in 2011.

2011 Politiques alimentaires mondiales rapport

Depuis 2007, deux séries successives d’envolée des prix des denrées alimentaires ont causé la faim ou la malnutrition pour des millions de personnes dans le monde.

Managing resources for sustainable agriculture in South Asia

In the next 25 years, South Asia's food requirements are likely to double, while its natural resource base is likely to shrink.

Reforming the public administration for food security and agricultural development: Insights from an empirical study in Karnataka

Strategies to reform rural service provision in India have focused on improving people‘s capacity to demand better services from government agencies.

2011 Global food policy report [in Chinese]

The year 2011 highlighted ongoing challenges to global food security, from food price volatility, extreme weather shocks, and famine to unrest and conflicts.

Commercial vegetable and polyculture fish production in Bangladesh

In rural areas of Bangladesh, poverty is pervasive and associated with high rates of malnutrition especially among preschool children and women.

The impact of global climate change on the Indonesian economy

Global climate change influences the economic performance of all countries, and Indonesia is no exception.


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